Ernesto's Wine Bar

About us

The name “Ernesto’s” pays homage to the owners’ love for Ernest Hemingway’s simplistic style and thirst for adventure. The kitchen has risen to the challenge, translating the clean complexity of The Sun Also Rises or the masculine energy of Green Hills of Africa into a menu of appetizers, flatbreads, salads and hearty entrees. Ernesto’s has also gone to great lengths to locate old and new world wine varietals for pairings with steak, seafood and pasta entrees delicately sautéed in a wide array of sauces.

Ernesto’s butter-hued walls appear to melt in the light from wall sconces and flickering candles. Above lush hardwood paneling, several framed photographs offer a glimpse of Hemingway at his most virile––aggressively writing at his desk, and using a large steak as a body pillow. For a touch of warmth during cool weather, patrons can also retreat outdoors, where a mammoth brick fireplace casts a rich glow on Ernesto’s sleek cobblestone patio.